Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Harvest & Garden Update

So last week was a lot of the same things everyday, but at least I was getting stuff. Slowed down this week.

Saddest strawberries ever but they were great in my oatmeal.

I'm sad to report that the cherry tomato plants finally needed to be pulled up. I think the yellow pear only has a little bit of time left too. I did something bad in the garden and now I'll be paying for it for a while. I didn't rotate my crops, add enough compost, and really didn't fertilize much. Now I have a crazy amount of root knot nematodes. I think that is what ended my cherry tomato plant. When we pulled it up the roots were really strange looking, damn nematodes, damn birds and nematodes... So I will be adding a good bit of compost and chicken manure, growing a cover crop to turn under (buckwheat) and a whole bunch of marigolds. Good thing I went crazy with pots. I have a few plants growing in pots, pretty much wherever I can fit a pot. I've got zucchini, patty pan & yellow squash, tomatoes: honey delight/supersweet 100/purple Cherokee/San Marzano, jalapeño & Tabasco peppers. I also started some scarlet runner beans, asparagus, and sweet pea. That is just the stuff I started outside.

Back to front: honey delight tomato, yellow squash, supersweet 100, purple tomatillo

Asparagus baby!

Prettiest flower I've grown from seed so far. No idea what kind it is, anyone know?
I found this amazing thing at the garden store and I ended up getting three of them over the weekend.

Oh yes, I planted a little over 200 new seeds. I'm pretty sure I have a new addiction. One whole flat is dedicated to growing two types of (Queen Sophia & Lemondrop) marigolds. Another is mostly lettuce with couple of empty spots. The other one is a mix of flowers (zinnias, morning glory, marigolds, nasturtium), peppers (tequila sunrise, poinsettia, jalapeño red, sweet banana, cayenne), basil (cinnamon, red Ruben), chives (common and garlic), fennel, papaya, and a couple of lemon seed that I doubt will germinate. Good thing I'm giving away as many as I can. I like to grow from seed verses buying from a nursery because it is a heck of a lot cheaper and the selection is so much greater. Seems like I'm lucky to find two different types of basil at a nursery where if I buy seeds there are too many to try, or at least to many to try in a single year.


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