Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Shots

A small update on the garden. I pretty much didn't have anything to harvest this last month besides the occasional tomatoe, bean, or lettuce. It all kinda looked the same so I decided not to keep posting about it. Finally got a few new tomatoes for my Honey Delight Tomato plants. I had never tried this variety but I like them a lot already. Deep yellow color and a sweetish taste with just a tiny hint of lemon. Like most cherry tomatoes the skin is a little thicker but I really don't mind. Oh, all my squash plants are dead. It was pretty much an overnight thing. I think it was the same pest that killed off most of my lettuce. Pepper took a big hit too. I almost pulled them up but decided to wait a bit and now they are starting to come back with some new bottom growth. Things I can for sure grow in Hawaii are a bit limited: tomatoes, beans, lettuce, and most herbs seem to be doing fairly well.


Honey Delight Tomatoes


Complete corn failure


First sunflower!

The garden is kind of in a weird place right now. I have buckwheat growing as a cover crop on two thirds of the raised bed and the other third is ready to be turned and have compost and chicken manure added; then a round of buckwheat. I'm still deciding what to plant after that. I'm half tempted to plant a ton of marigolds and once they get big turn them under as well. I think it would help with the nematode problem we created. Hmmm, I need to think some more.


Banana & Honeydew Smoothie

So this is the first smoothie I've made since we got our new mixer. Made lots of other stuff, just no smoothies. I don't have any idea why I took so long. It was so good and easy. I do have a confession to make. I have always disliked pictures where it seems the food or beverage has been spilled over the side or is running down the glass on purpose. I don't really like the messy look. So I'm sure you are wondering why the heck my smoothie looks like that. Truthfully, I was so excited using my mini spatula that I didn't pay enough attention to the cup. Next thing I know it looks like that. Wasteful! This smoothie was exactly what I wanted, super mellow flavor. I want to say it is like vanilla ice cream. Not because it taste like vanilla ice cream, but because it is so plain and subtle. Some time you just want vanilla.
Banana & Honeydew Smoothie


Banana & Honeydew Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup Milk

1 Ripe Frozen Banana

1 cup Frozen Honeydew (more or less depending on the texture you want)

Throw it all into the mixer in that order and process until desired consistency. Everyone's mixers are different, so I suggest reading the manual. Pour (carefully) into cup. This really made a lot of smoothie. I think I could easily half the recipe.


This is how I freeze my fruit.


Creamy, smooth, and super cold.


Food update

Red cabbage and Sausage (mine with cheese and avocado)

I know what you are thinking but let me tell you this was absolutely amazing!! Mashed potatoes, leftover hamburger patty, and topped with onion gravy and a dash or two of Texas Pete. Pure comfort good and it took all of 10 minutes max.

Hamburger on Sourdough Bun

Mini Baguettes

Another not so pretty picture but deliciouse nevertheless. Tomato, Red Saurkraut, & Pepperoni Pizza


All three bread products were made using my favorite Olive Oil Master Dough Recipe. I really can't say enough good things about Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes A Day.