Sunday, June 8, 2014

Banana & Honeydew Smoothie

So this is the first smoothie I've made since we got our new mixer. Made lots of other stuff, just no smoothies. I don't have any idea why I took so long. It was so good and easy. I do have a confession to make. I have always disliked pictures where it seems the food or beverage has been spilled over the side or is running down the glass on purpose. I don't really like the messy look. So I'm sure you are wondering why the heck my smoothie looks like that. Truthfully, I was so excited using my mini spatula that I didn't pay enough attention to the cup. Next thing I know it looks like that. Wasteful! This smoothie was exactly what I wanted, super mellow flavor. I want to say it is like vanilla ice cream. Not because it taste like vanilla ice cream, but because it is so plain and subtle. Some time you just want vanilla.
Banana & Honeydew Smoothie


Banana & Honeydew Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup Milk

1 Ripe Frozen Banana

1 cup Frozen Honeydew (more or less depending on the texture you want)

Throw it all into the mixer in that order and process until desired consistency. Everyone's mixers are different, so I suggest reading the manual. Pour (carefully) into cup. This really made a lot of smoothie. I think I could easily half the recipe.


This is how I freeze my fruit.


Creamy, smooth, and super cold.


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