Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Got my granola on!

Finally got the courage to try making granola and I am happy to say that it turned out amazing! The only drawback to my recipe is that it was a bit on the crumbly side. Turns out it is perfect for cereal.

Another great thing is that it is all natural without any preservatives and it is very hardy (filled me up for like 5 hours - this is rare for my :).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberry scones with coconut whipped cream

Made the coconut whipped cream super easily. Start off by buying a can of coconut milk and tossing it in the fridge overnight. By the next day it will have separated. Scoop out the heavy cream from the top of the can and put it in a bowl and whip until desired consistency. Add one or two tablespoons of powdered sugar (to taste) and whip for a few more minutes. It keeps really well in the fridge for a while.

Easter dinner - a little late

Paul cooked up some amazing beef ribs.

Fun Easter eggs that you can enjoy after they're peeled.

Chicken dinner

So Paul and I have always been a bit gun shy when it comes to cooking chicken, but after much thought and flipping through cookbooks and the Internet we found a method we thought we could do. Smoked beer can chicken - turned out better than we could have imagined.
Before cooking

And after cooking in the smoker for 3 hours
We ate most of the breast meat the first night and then used the rest of the bird to make scrumptious chicken salad sandwiches
I couldn't help taking a bite of it to see if it was good :)