Monday, October 22, 2012

Garden Projects

Decided it was time to work on a couple of plant stands for the garden. They turned out pretty nice.

 Here is a panoramic of my tiny yard. The zucchini plant is doing great. Having to hand pollinate so I decided to bring in some flower to try to encourage some pollinators to check my garden out.
tired and red faced after a couple hours of garden work

Paul and his shovel :)


They are getting big and the orange one laying down farthest from the camera lets me pet him now. I named him Fatty because he is fat and normally hogs the food bowl.

Some more flowers we picked up ($2.99 for a six pack)

Red flowers and some spinach - don't know the names of the flowers but they were to pretty (and affordable) to pass up.


Some food we have been making:
Chicken Alfredo - one of the quickest and most go to meals we make


Sweet and Spicy Chicken (uncooked)

Black and White Beans (Our first attempt at making beans)

Chicken, beans, and white rice - doesn't look pretty but it was pretty tasty!

Spaghetti Carbonara - Paul just, finally, made this for me after years - oh wait - after a decade of telling me about this. It was amazing! Will be making this much more often.

Lamb chops, pasta salad and zucchini parmesan - delicious! 

Four Year Anniversary

Our four year anniversary was earlier this month. Now we normally try to do the traditional gifts (this year was flowers or fruit). Can you really see me buying Paul some flowers or fruit?? Heck no! So we decided just to do a couple of impulse buys and I must say this may be my favorite gift of all time.

Standing Heavy Bag with pink boxing gloves

Now I know what you're thinking (right.... this gift sucks) but really I LOVE it. It's been a great way to blow off steam and it is one heck of a cardio workout. We also got some padded gloves so we can take turns punching at each other. I almost hit Paul in the face on the first day. He just laughed and I was like "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OKAY??!!". Paul also surprised me with a totally unexpected trip to a botanical garden. I have been wanting to go since we got here and I told him about it a while ago. I was so happy that he was so thoughtful I cried. I'm such a sappy person. We went to Koko Crater Botanical Garden. It was a dry kind of garden with lots of cactus like plants. We did the two mile loop and saw some beautiful plants and bonus it was free. 

It was a bit warm :)

Last, but not least. I cut my hair - feels so nice but I think it is even more curly that it was before (can't tell here because I straightened it).