Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road trip part 3

So today we really hit the road hard - had to make up for some serious slacking the last couple of days.

If I remember correctly we stayed in Missoula MT that night and hit the road early the next morning so we could make it to Sam's house by early afternoon the following day.

 And of course as soon as we see Idaho again we also see a bunch of crappy snow.....

Lake Coeur d'Alene 
Made it safely to Sam & Sarah's - had a great visit with the family - just didn't get enough pictures

one of the highlights of the trip - I got to play with a bunch of kittens :)

Got a cute pedi with Sarah and Samantha while we were visiting

Got the truck dropped off at the docks and stayed the night in Seattle. Took an early shuttle to the airport and waited for a bit.

Malaho (thank you in Hawaiian) for not putting your feet on this - we flew Hawaiian Air so we got to watch a bunch of Hawaii related video (well I did - Paul was sleeping). And then we were in Hawaii!!!

Waikiki Beach

At the Ilikai

Across from the hotel and marina

Still have some more catching up to do but at least were into the Hawaii time frame now :)

Road trip part 2 (5-3-12)

So we have been pretty busy around here the last few weeks - our girls flew in for the summer - and I'm going to blame that for my lack of blogging. Lets see.... we stopped in Sioux Falls SD and hit the road running trying to make up for some lost time, and promptly got side tracked.

Not what we were expecting but at least we got to stretch our legs for a bit

Not something you see in a field everyday - but hey, seems like pretty good motivation to jog for me

 Badlands National Park

 Wearing my super cool T-shirt that I got from our lunch stop yesterday

We took tons of photos but I this is my favorite because of the color changes

 Oh yes, Paul is riding a giant jackalope

 I'll be a little silly... sometimes

 Next we hit Mount Rushmore - now I'll be the first to say I was skeptical about it being worth going but I'm so glad that we went - it turned out to be really cool.

First straight on view of the mountain

 Paul looking cute

 We took a hike to the base of the Mt Rushmore - it was a bit rainy so there was no one else around.

 Next we stopped in Deadwood SD for the night and ate at this AMAZING place called Saloon 10 - this was by far the best food Paul and I have ever eaten outside of our own kitchen and it wasn't even outrageously priced.
 me :)

Hitting the slots at our hotel (Cadillac Jack - I would highly recommend this place to anyone going through. Cheap slots with free beer/drinks and candy/smokes while playing. We played for over two hours and ended up losing only a buck and some change - that's pretty cheap entertainment for us.)

Okay - that's enough for this post.