Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First snow

So freckling cold! Had flash backs to living in Idaho! 

Paul's transformation...

Scruffy man
Long hair
clean cut

scary man 


Sierra has a slight inability to hold still while playing Mario brothers

Too bad I don't have audio to share

Double Yorker Deviled Egg

So cool! First boiled egg that's a double Yorker.

Making tamales

Which looks better? Paul or tamale, Paul of course!
tamale pyramid 

masa on husks
tamale ready for rolling
the best invention ever! Tamale spreader

tamale pyramid covers with corn husks ready to steam for an hour or so
sexy man :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

My turn

Time to finish up what I started years ago

Getting some ink!
Holy shit this hurts like hell!!!
Outline part one
Outline part two

Black shading
All colored and wrapped up! 5 hours of straight and pure pain!
About who hours after tattoo completed - swelling is already setting in

Swelling lasted almost two weeks and it's still not done pealing. I'll post more picture when it is completely healed.

Putting up the Christmas tree

Christmas 2011
Some how managed to not take anymore picture once the tree was loaded up with presents.

Thanksgiving for two

Pumpkin pie
Stuffing pre oven
stuffing all ready ~first time I've made stuffing and it turned out spectacular!
Deviled eggs
Delicious turkey!
Pumpkin chocolate chip scones

EXT #2

So I finally lost the battle with my upper right second molar. I had a root canal done about two years ago and have had problems with it ever since. The extraction was done by Dr. Grenadier at no cost to me (sweet!). The procedure was kind of rough but it was so worth it because I haven't been in any pain since it was taken out. Here are a couple of photos of me for the next three days. 

Day one
Day two ( yes I am wearing the same grubby jammies)
Day three
All the swelling subsided after about a week. Very glad to have my face back to normal. Bonus since the extraction was done I have almost completely stopped grinding my teeth at night and my teeth fully close now!

Tattoo time

We found a great tattoo shop to finally get some work done ~ Up In Arms Tattoo
1st session

2nd session

3rd session

Tattoo turned out amazing! Paul can't wait to get another.