Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Shots

A small update on the garden. I pretty much didn't have anything to harvest this last month besides the occasional tomatoe, bean, or lettuce. It all kinda looked the same so I decided not to keep posting about it. Finally got a few new tomatoes for my Honey Delight Tomato plants. I had never tried this variety but I like them a lot already. Deep yellow color and a sweetish taste with just a tiny hint of lemon. Like most cherry tomatoes the skin is a little thicker but I really don't mind. Oh, all my squash plants are dead. It was pretty much an overnight thing. I think it was the same pest that killed off most of my lettuce. Pepper took a big hit too. I almost pulled them up but decided to wait a bit and now they are starting to come back with some new bottom growth. Things I can for sure grow in Hawaii are a bit limited: tomatoes, beans, lettuce, and most herbs seem to be doing fairly well.


Honey Delight Tomatoes


Complete corn failure


First sunflower!

The garden is kind of in a weird place right now. I have buckwheat growing as a cover crop on two thirds of the raised bed and the other third is ready to be turned and have compost and chicken manure added; then a round of buckwheat. I'm still deciding what to plant after that. I'm half tempted to plant a ton of marigolds and once they get big turn them under as well. I think it would help with the nematode problem we created. Hmmm, I need to think some more.


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