Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Quarter Goal Update

So far this is how I'm doing:

  1. Logged 75 miles on the treadmill. To my credit, my treadmill was down from February 18 - March 11. First repair I've had to make to my machine in 9 years.
  2. Logged 149 miles on the bike.
  3. Read 4 books so far. The first three are a trilogy by Hugh Howey: Wool, Shift, and Dust. The other one is by Forrest Pritchard: Gaining Ground. Really like all four books and highly recommend Gaining Ground to anyone interested in farming or self sufficiency.
  4. Hmmm, should I count this post towards my goal of 24 blog posts?
  5. So I'm thinking abou giving up the violin. Maybe try out the viola or just take a break from music for now.
  6. Working through my music collection is going well. I listen to music everyday so it isn't hard to make time for it. Already cleaned out a few hundred songs I don't like.
  7. Sorting and tagging my photos isn't coming along as fast as the music. But I have done some.

Overall I'm not quite where I should be, but I am actually doing better than I though I would be.


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