Saturday, April 12, 2014


So today's (above) haul is a little light compared to yesterday's.

Yesterday's haul from the garden. I still have no idea on most of the lettuce, but at least most of it tastes good. So I planted a couple of long beans last summer-ish (?) and they seemed so foreign that we chickened out on eating them and just kind of let them go. They got huge, like three feet long and with huge beans, super scary. Ended up just pulling them; figured that was that and moved on. Well, the beans had other ideas, they are determined little guys and just kept coming up. Normally I just pull them when I notice them but these guys snuck in with a few other beans that I planted so I didn't notice them until they started putting out flowers. They have some of the prettiest flowers I've seen in my garden so far.

Didn't have the heart to pull them so I figured we would give them one more try. Holy cow, we have been missing out; they taste great. Now I may actually plant some more.


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