Friday, January 4, 2013

January in Honolulu

I think that January may be my new favorite month of the year. The weather is just perfect right now. I have all the windows open and there is an amazingly strong breeze blowing through the area for the last couple of day. It feels like a perfect spring day minus the cold in the morning and evenings. I even put on some jeans, just for the fun of it. Below are some more up to date pictures of the garden (taken today). 

From left to right: Aloe in a small pot, baby lettuce behind the aloe, some green onions from the store, two ladders of cucumbers, one giant non-producing eggplant - he may need to go soon, lots of baby radishes in need of a good thinning, broccoli in the far back corner, spinach, a massively out of control tomato plant that has just been re-caged, a smaller tomato plant and more radishes.

Is that what I think it is! Yes, my first strawberry. Not quite ready to be picked. Hopefully the slugs won't find it before it's ready to be eaten - by me.

 A super close up of my baby lettuce. First time I've planted lettuce in the garden - so far so good.

 A strange twisted cucumber

Failed close up of the green onions. When I planted them the all but died and have only recently perked up. I even found a little flower thing growing in the middle of one. Hopefully these will help to detour some of the bad bugs.

Flowers I still need to plant....

 Strawberry runners I sniped and am attempting to save. Stupid slugs are killing me. Maybe I need a duck...

What in the heck is going on with my blueberry plant?

The leaves are all turning brown and falling off.

Sage showing some slight wear and tear. Not really sure how to use this in the kitchen so it has been just hanging out in the planter. Hasn't really grown much in a while.

I find these yellow leaves in the backyard all the time. They are so colorful and they feel like a thin silky leather. They take forever to dry up and start to break down so I tend to toss them over the fence. 

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