Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fermented Red Cabbage

So we finally got around to making a batch of red sauerkraut. I was a little doubtfully because I'm not a huge fan of the red variety of cabbage. Since Paul loves it I decided it was worth a try, and man am I glad we did. It tastes great and is so pretty. It was only two small heads so it didn't make a huge batch. 

Here it is after I removed the weight that had been keeping the cabbaged submerged.

ended up with: 1 quart, 1 pint, and 1 quarter pint - the little one was for a friend to try

Fermenting may sound a bit scary but it is a very safe and great way to preserve some foods. I love how easy it is to do. Factor in all the probiotics that come along and you have a fun and easy super food you can make at home. Regular sauerkraut just doesn't taste good to us now. 

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