Monday, September 17, 2012

The weekend

Who doesn't like weekends? I love weekends - plenty of time to spend with my hubby and do lots of fun things. Here's what we did this weekend. We pitched in with a bunch of people from Paul's work and rented a couple of pontoon boats over at the Marine Corp base. We anchored at the "sand bar" (area about a mile from shore but sandy at low tide) and hung out, ate, and paddle boarded. It was a good time - nice and relaxing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed pontoon boats and I didn't even get sea sick!!

Saw a nice sized honu (hawaiian for turtle). Its hard to see in this picture but he's the dark spot middle left.

It was mostly sunny with the occasional cloud where we were but over the island it was really cloudy and rainy - so beautiful to watch.
Here is Paul talking with one of the ladies he works with and her little daughter.

Great day - only thing I would change would be to remember alway reapply your sunscreen!

So on sunday I got in the cooking mood (anything to avoid watching football...) and decided to try my hand with some new recipes. I attempted and failed to make an edible hummus dip (its like bean dip with chickpeas) 

Paul said it was "nasty". I love hummus but will need to find a better recipe to try from next time. The next thing on the list was to make pita bread - I think we both agreed that this was a success; even though it didn't puff up quite like it was supposed to.

 We made egg salad to go with the pita bread and that turned out amazing. The nice thing about pita is you don't cut all the way through so you don't have to worry about things falling out the back.

 And now on to a garden update:

We planted another tomato plant that was in a pot and added some cucumber (lemon variety) plants on the right side. My beets are starting to get some real leafs finally.

 Zucchini plant is really taking off. Planted some regular cucumbers next to it and three more pepper plants (they're still tiny).

And what is all the green stuff in the yard??? Yes, grass has finally started to grow - well, grass and weeds but we'll worry about the weeds once the whole yard is covered.

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