Monday, September 3, 2012

Garden Installation

We finally managed to spend some time in the backyard and I wish we had done it sooner! Here are some pictures of the process.

So here it is after we scrubbed the fence down for about two hours (removed dirt, grass, bugs, and dog prints - all courtesy of the previous tenants). Obviously it isn't the biggest yard we have had but it is big enough to BBQ, garden, and relax in moderate privacy.

We decided to go with two raised beds instead of just one long one - here is the left one 

 and here is the right one

Much nicer to look at with the frames all filled up!

 Paul's baby pineapple

Here is the right side - we have two Roma tomatoes, a row a Hawaiian sweet corn growing along fence, and a row of beets growing in front of the tomatoes - both still too small to see

 In the Left bed we have a healthy Hawaiian pepper plant and a not so healthy tabasco pepper plant - going to give him a bit more time to see if it's salvageable - behind them is another row of corn

 and no garden is complete without at least one zucchini plant - personally, zucchini is my favorite

Here are a few close up of the garden - first is mint. This guy is getting huge, good thing it will be staying in a pot.


 if you look closely you can see one of my baby beets

 and one of the baby corns
Some of the other plants growing include: thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, and ornamental black pepper.

Paul and I both love to sit out on the lanai (back porch) and watch the plants grow. There are few things that compare with growing and harvesting your own food.

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