Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Rang in the New Year the best way possible - with my husband, at home, and in our pjs!


So what did I accomplish in 2013:

  1. Woodworking - completed two leaning book stands, two sets of night stands, and a garden shed.
  2. Started playing the violin - I have always wanted to learn how and I really love it. I may switch to the viola. We shall see...
  3. Wracked up way too many air miles - a trip Kauai with the family and two trips to South Carolina. My ass wants to stay on the ground for a while. Unless it involves a trip to New Zealand or South America.
  4. Crafts - I completed my very first blanket and two infinity scarfs, all crocheted.
  5. I have managed to truly stay active all year - I can run for 3 miles no problem. I've never felt better and I'm looking pretty dang great if I say so myself!



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