Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goals

I can already tell that 2014 is going to be a better year for me. I'm really looking forward to all the great stuff we will be doing. Not sure what all that great stuff will be, but I'll figure it out sooner or later! So this year my goals revolve around all my favorite things.

  1. Log 500 miles on my treadmill. I actually enjoy running on it verses running outside because it has built in air pockets that make it easier on my legs. I also love to watch Netflix while I run. Hope to soon upgrade my wireless earbuds to a quality pair that don't need to be held on with a stretchy headband.
  2. Log 400 miles on my bicycle. Got a great bike last year but didn't really ride it. I'm super scared of traffic and downhill. Really hope to conquore those with practice. Already logged 8 miles.
  3. Read 12 books. So anyone who knows me would be shocked that I have to make this a goal, but over that last few years I have fallen off the reading wagon. Already started my first book: The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell.
  4. Blog at least 24 times. I got totally derailed last year and regret it. Blogging is something I really like so I need to make the time to do it.
  5. Continue my musical education. I rented a violin the beginning of September and took a few lessons to get started. I even went to the violin store today and got a new bow. Turns out I was seriously over rosining the last one. Played for a while when I got home and wow, what a difference it made. Paul was my audience and I didn't do too bad. Thinking about how much better I am now than when I started makes me want to keep practicing to see how much better I could be. Learning to read music has been a unique challenge; feels like a whole new language.
  6. Dejunk my music collection. I have a bad habit of keeping music in my iTunes account even if I don't like it. I figure someone will like it so I should keep it, right? Wrong. It is time for a good purge.
  7. Digitize, date, tag, and sort all my pictures. I started this project about a month, month and a half ago and have already made a serious dent. I think I've deleted the majority of the duplicates, but I still have to merge pictures from multiple computers. Decided to scan all my old pictures in so that I can make nice professional looking printed books. I'm also taking the time to tag all the pictures (people, place, activity, etc...). I love photo albums.

That is a lot of stuff! Lets see what I'm able to accomplish in 2014!





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