Sunday, October 9, 2011


So we decided to expand on our food preservation skill and can now say that we are learning to ferment things. To ferment you pretty much just slice or shred up some veggies and salt them (sea or kosher salt) and let them rot. So far we have done:
Sauerkraut (spicy ~ with jalapeno, black pepper, and garlic)
Ginger Carrots

Curtido ~ like a Spanish kraut

Beets and Turnips

I can report that the Curtido turned out amazing! Next batch I will reduce the oregano to only one teaspoon because Paul thinks it tastes like soap ~ me, I like it! The ginger carrots are good but I wish they were a bit more "sour". The beets/turnips were kinda a dud, they weren't quite sour enough either. Next time I will slice them thinner and cut them in half and maybe ferment for a little longer. I may even shred them so it's more like a red slaw. Hmmm, so many options. Just make sure that you do the research Paul and I have to make sure your food will be safe and hopefully taste good.

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